Wednesday, 30 May 2007

First Post - Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to a give a view on the growing emergence of the mobile data industry.

The average user is currently using his phone around 15 minutes a day for voice calls and sms. He is currently either unaware or entirely dismissive of a host of incremental features on his device (e.g. radio, mp3 player, navigation) or of a growing list of add-ons provided by third parties.

It is my belief that the average user will grow to use his phone for an hour a day within the next five years with traditional voice and sms accounting for only a small proportion of this growth.

I'd say three years if I were braver but for this to happen a lot has to fall into place - the user has to be persuaded that he can trust the mobile environment, that pricing is supportive of him experimenting and that the applications being promoted to the user are compelling enough for him (without this, there is no chance of the mass market crossing the chasm).

I used to be braver and I am an enthusiast, but my recent activities have underlined to me that this industry and its relationship with the user is still in a nascent stage - very reminiscent of the mid-nineties experience with the internet - where many people were aware that something existed but were not willing to invest too much time to experiment.

You may often disagree with elements written on the blog- and if you do please do comment. You will be reading things from a personal perspective only based on exposure to the mobile industry from the outside looking in (as a financier), from the inside (within an operator) and from the cutting edge (as an innovator).

I have lived the mobile industry since its very beginning and have been a promoter of mobile experiences for the end user for many many years. I remain an enthusiast and you should be aware of that rose tinted view as you read my posts.