Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gaming: how serious are you?

A friend of mine alerted me to a product from a company called Zeemote which was also featured on CNN during the recent Mobile World Congress (click here for the video which also features a bonus through an unintentionally hilarious introduction to Samsung's iPhone killer).

It is a one hand games console for the mobile phone. Such innovation and innovators make the world a better place without a shadow of a doubt.

Will it work?

Nah. Though I'll willingly eat humble pie if I am wrong.

There are too few people that serious to want to gain this advantage on a mobile game and those that are that serious would rather invest their time at getting better on the Wii or PS rather than the phone. I also think the action of having to hold the phone steady in one hand while using the other is a little impractical – but I am just picturing a crammed tube journey perhaps with the eight people jammed against me thinking I am having a seizure.

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