Tuesday, 15 April 2008

RIP Mowser

Russell Beattie announced that his start-up Mowser has reached the end of the road yesterday and is out looking for potential buyers. Russell is something of an institution having been the leading blogger on mobile before blogging was fashionable and as a result always commands a reasonable amount of attention.

In this case though the response to his "It's Over" missive has been a little too extreme on both sides - perhaps strong personalities provoke disproportionate reactions.

First, the "mobile web is over" dramatics from Read Write Web - who really ought to know better.

Then, this condescending post from Mikee Krisher over-reacting to Russ's statements on the state of the mobile web.

As someone in fund raising right now, the statements were certainly not particularly well timed but though there is strong evidence that the mobile web is growing strongly Russ is not a fool. There is never smoke without fire and Russ's assertion that a disproportionate amount of traffic is looking for porn and that it is tough to monetise the mobile channel effectively are true and anyone entering the space needs to have strategies for both.

Good luck to both Russ and Mike Rowehl - both will be re-appearing somewhere shortly.

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