Thursday, 23 October 2008

British Customer Service

British Customer Service? An oxymoron? Possibly.

Even in cases where politeness appears it is only on a qualified basis.

I caught this snap in a traffic jam on Monday. I was amused by the word 'frequently' on the back of this truck.

"Frequently any inconvenience is regretted"

Only in England would the word frequently be used. It allows for all scenarios from 'sorry' to 'piss off'!

I am hot on this topic after a recent two week trip to the States, where eye contact and just general interest in well being (for as long as you're being served) are standard. I have only come across two instances of good service since I returned (in Starbucks in Fulham and Fat Face in Richmond). More often as not one is met with aggression, complete disinterest or lack of attention. Excuse me now while I get into my Victor Meldrew outfit.....


Dan Thornton said...

I suspect there should be something above frequently, like 'Vehicle Stops'...

But it's a great snap!

Jenny Hayes said...

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