Thursday, 8 May 2008

PR Meltdown - Part I

There is a story that continues to run, though to most it is extremely boring - and worse- it would be very easy to make it go away. I attended a Mobile Monday event last October when Novarra had a wonderful opportunity to turn a lot of bad vibes into a good story by saying something close to "I'm sorry". I wrote about it here.

Well, it seems that the COO of Novarra has stirred the hornets nest again with a pointlessly arrogant interview which the twitter-sphere picked up yesterday.

You see the problem is - it was all forgotten - but now it is alive and well again and worse. Why? Because people have had time to dig out other information which is related but not really relevant and at which point it gets a little nastier.

Novarra has over-exposure to early adopters in their space and their repeated own goals only cement a black reputation in the space which eventually will begin to influence the operator mindset. It is never harmful to build bridges and make friends but for Novarra I think it might be too late to do so.

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