Thursday, 8 May 2008

PR Meltdown - Part II

Also witnessed yesterday a new company being put down before it really ever got out of the stalls.

A few lessons here for World Biz Online. First, if you launch, launch! - at time of writing that link goes to a holding page saying that the site is coming soon. Second, prepare really well in advance. Find someone you trust and potentially someone who knows the press to give you a judgement on whether you are ready for primetime or not. You were not. Your reputation was pulled apart yesterday and you might not have noticed. Twitter was alive with derision. Third lesson, watch all back channels and try and find a constructive way to respond.

I really hope you regroup and make it happen but you have some ground to make up.

Here is an idea of the (amusing) chitter chatter around the presentation. It only got worse from here.

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