Friday, 9 May 2008

Mobile Advertising: A humbling perspective

Thanks to Bena Roberts at GoMoNews for noting down this quote:

Coca Cola summed it up really well. It said companies come to us with results that they are so proud of - “you got 30K click through rates with our campaign”.

Coca Cola says “that is terrible - we have billions of Coke consumers”

It is hard to know how to try and deal with that kind of perspective. With that type of mentality one thing is for sure, there will be massive consolidation in the mobile advertising space.


Brandon said...

I thought the post was very interesting. As technology advances and the attention doctrine of consumers becomes less involved with advertising, the necessity to engage in mobile marketing will increase. I’m a firm believer that eventually mobile will help brands significantly increase sales and awareness.

bena roberts said...

Hi thanks for linking to this - really appreciate it.

Brandon - I completely agree with you.

Am adding coalface to my blogroll - exchanging links would be great!

thanks again,